Top 10 Healthcare Software Companies in India (2023)

Top 10 Healthcare Software Companies in India (2023)

India boasts a thriving healthcare software industry, with companies developing innovative solutions for various healthcare needs. Here are the top 10 based on factors like market presence, product offerings, and industry recognition:

1. Innovaccer:

Innovaccer is a leading healthcare data platform company, offering AI-powered solutions for data management, analytics, and care coordination. Their platform helps healthcare providers improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and achieve better clinical decision-making.

2. Practo:

Practo is a popular online doctor discovery and appointment booking platform. They connect patients with doctors across various specialties, enabling convenient and accessible healthcare.

3. HealthifyMe:

HealthifyMe is a holistic wellness platform that provides personalized fitness and nutrition coaching. They offer a variety of programs and tools to help users achieve their health goals.

4. PharmEasy:

PharmEasy is a leading online pharmacy platform that delivers medicines to patients’ doorsteps. They also offer doctor consultations and diagnostic tests, making healthcare more accessible and convenient.

5. Tata Health:

Tata Health is a subsidiary of the Tata Group, offering a wide range of healthcare IT solutions, including hospital management systems, electronic medical records, and telemedicine platforms.

6. Docplexus:

Docplexus is a medical information platform that connects doctors with relevant medical resources, news, and continuing medical education courses.

7. Ekincare:

Ekincare is a corporate wellness platform that helps organizations improve the health and well-being of their employees. They offer a variety of programs and services, including health assessments, disease management, and mental health support.


NIRAMAI is an AI-powered healthcare startup that uses breast cancer screening technology. Their solution is non-invasive, affordable, and accessible, making it a valuable tool for early cancer detection.

9. Netmeds:

Netmeds is another popular online pharmacy platform, offering a wide range of medicines and healthcare products at competitive prices. They also offer doctor consultations and lab tests.

10. is a fitness and wellness platform that provides access to gym memberships, yoga classes, and other fitness activities. They also offer personalized fitness plans and nutrition guidance.


  • Suffescom Solutions Inc.: A leading healthcare software development company specializing in patient-centric and secure solutions.
  • Radixweb: Another prominent healthcare software development company known for its regulatory-compliant software solutions.

These are just a few of the many innovative healthcare software companies in India. The industry is constantly evolving, and new players are emerging all the time. With a focus on improving patient care, reducing costs, and making healthcare more accessible, these companies are shaping the future of healthcare in India.

Please note: The ranking of these companies is subjective and can vary depending on the criteria used. This list is intended to provide a general overview of some of the leading healthcare software companies in India.

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